They came with black, white or primary colors table tops. Received quite a few hacks for it way back then. Pine seems to be fast disappearing from IKEA. Very clean line, I still get compliments on my cabinet/shelf unit 16 year later. omg, how can I forget the BAS shadow boxes?! The bed is complete, with slats, and was previously assembled, but is missing hardware to put it back together, as they were lost during a move. Now, I use one of them (without modification) as a steering wheel stand ! Will have to return. I bought billy bookcases 3.5 years ago with 2 doors and just bought some more doors. The new Computer Workstation model doesn’t have to be so deep anymore because nobody’s got CRT monitors but otherwise it’s perfect. Ikea had a shower curtain that was complete transparant and cheap too. the gorgeous SKYE lounger. I would love to see the Lerberg media storage racks come back!! I bought this to attach to my Billy bookcase so that I now have a tidy looking cabinet instead of open shelving. Such a great design. Wish I’d bought twenty. All the fabrics, colours and patterns were super. IKEA Dressers and Chests of Drawers. We purchased our Billys about 11 years ago. There are probably a few, but one stands out for me: a set of plastic square plates, I think it was called sommar. I loved the Celeber too. $54.14 shipping *New* MOLGER Bench Grey 79 x 38 cm 904.826.26 Brand IKEA. I have broken 2 bowls and chipped a plate and need replacements! We bought these 1 1/2 yrs ago and the gap is driving me crazy between the doors. It was so versatile and made a great media unit on the wall. #20. Went on the Billy's fast and easy. Unfortunately, on one door the finish was very poorly done, missing in places, and the face is rather rough, like it wasn't fully sanded. Free shipping. “I should like to see the return of red-brown as a colour option across the Hemnes range. The Josef metal cabinets. Wish they’d bring back the LYCKSELE single chair bed. i would like to see the MOMENT sofa, pure design ! I also wish I bought 20. To sit even more comfortably and relaxed, you can use the armchair together with POÄNG footstool. Adjustable hinges allow you to adjust the door horizontally and vertically. 2. ) Though they don’t have as many shelves (and they’re adjustable!) IKEA BILLY bookcase, White 3.8 out of 5 stars 48 $169.82 $ 169. But wait, those are not the only discontinued IKEA products we wish the yellow and blue mothership will bring back. and those frosted glass doors that fit the older Billys . “YES! The resulting cabinet looks great and does exactly what we needed it to do. IKEA Billy Bookcase Birch Veneer 94 1/2x11x41 3/4 490.234.01. $116.99. $141.18 shipping. Tell us in the comments below and let’s keep our fingers crossed someone at IKEA sees our wishlist and flicks the magic wand. I have two. The Kivik sofa-bed and the Dansbo lilac for Kivik. I have had mine for 30 years, and I know several people who also have a NIKLAS. No comparison. I need a tiny bit bigger one, but they only sell them as pictures with frames and you have to pay much more . But, the trend I see from IKEA is that fewer and fewer of their products are becoming suitable for hacking. “The Kivik single seat … or at least the freaking slipcovers! The other door had a scratch diagonally across the face. The Vika Veine desktop. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use. or a least the doors and drawers for it. RIBBA 18x24cm photo frames!!! Originally costing $CDN 5 or thereabouts, they’re now being flogged on eBay for $US25 or more apiece – ouch!” ~ Rebecca, #23. There was a foldable step ladder, two steps I think, with a white frame and black anti slip treads that we bought in 2005/6 or slightly thereafter. It's a lot easier and consistent to use a … What type of content do you plan to share with your subscribers? I love the Vika Rorby trestles. A range of various seat cushions makes it easy to change the look of your POÄNG and your living room. Click photo to see the hack. Includes: IKEA Poang Children's Armchair, Birch Veneer, Almas Natural, Pack of 1 Easy to keep clean since the cover can be machine washed Complies with California TB117-2013 flammability requirements Or a modern version using the same dimensional spacing so old/new can be melded. Perfect for CDs, DVDs, and paperbacks! and the BOJ murphy bed IKEA used to sell 35 years ago. ... IKEA LUROY Bed Support Slats QUEEN Birch Veneer MALM Slatted Base Bunkie Board. BILLY Bookcase, birch veneer, 15 3/4x11x79 1/2". Malm black brown dressing table, please IKEA bring this back #5. JONISK lamp (although I’ve scavenged six of them from eBay over the years, but it’s just such a great design… clearly I have a problem?) My theory on phasing them out (which probably applies to many other discontinued IKEA items, too) is, that IKEA rather withdraws the item from their catalogue than raise its price significantly: The BENJAMIN cost about 17 Euros back in the day — which is almost ridiculously little money for that kind of quality in material and built you got.” ~ uwe s. / Germany, The BENJAMIN cost about 17 Euros back in the day — which is almost ridiculously little money for that kind of quality in material and built you got. Currently unavailable. Question about IKEA birch wood I'm interested in an IKEA set found on craigslist (IKEA MALM bed frame & dresser) and I asked them what color it was. Cry. The metal-framed PS chair: it is impossible to find on any second-hand websites. Hardware was defective in two sets of the six doors; had to return to IKEA, return doors & purchase more (employees were lovely; this was time consuming but effective). A range of various seat cushions makes it easy to change the look of your POÄNG and your living room. “Yes, the wire mini Xmas trees!” ~ Pam, #12. Bllaaarrrggh. This type of furniture comes in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes, each with a different number of drawers. Item number: 39569, Winning Bid $34.00. The doors were fine, well made, came with all necessary pieces... but the older Billy (Purchased ~2011) don't have enough holes running up the sides to accommodate where the hinges need to fit. Everything was painted wood or cheap laminate, all ugly. I never got a chance to add armchairs to my sofa and hide-a-bed. Oh, TOVIK is a good one. I bought the bed and the headboard was out of stock. Do you have any discontinued IKEA products you would love to see (and buy) again? They said birch "but as with all Ikea birch products as it ages it has become more of a light oak color." $199.99. Just shake it out it a bit when changing sheets and it fluffs right up Although I guess the new one is easier to get installed right. The original BEECH colorway. ... IKEA LUROY Bed Support Slats FULL Birch Veneer Slatted Bed Base Bunkie Board NEW. . so much better than standard billys, and look awesome built in. Attached them to the Billy and a perfect fit. So classic! “The non-existence of BENJAMIN at the IKEA stores hurts a lot these days …! Particleboard, Birch veneer, Birch veneer, Plastic edging, Clear acrylic lacquer, Fiberboard, Birch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer, Fiberboard, Birch veneer, Paper foil, Clear acrylic lacquer. Completes the classic look to Billy bookcases! The door does not fit bookcases purchased in the spring of 2014 or earlier. The rolled edges are simple, but elegant. You got alot of display square-footage on the shelves for the price (I think it was $65?) little 5.5″wx7.5’hx3.25″d wooden shadow boxes. Get great deals on IKEA Birch Bookcases & Shelving. I have one with the buffalo hide seat cover, which is now very tired indeed; I’d love another lounger to make a pair, and a replacement cover – but I will probably end up having to talk to an upholsterer and pay more than the original cost of the chair to get it recovered in leather…. Ikea says that the walnut top is 1/8″ thick walnut veneer on top of particle board, so it would not be good to stain the cut end since it would be noticeably different than the top and other sides. i recall shopping at the IKEA in Woodbridge and talking to an employee, saying how much everyone loved the display room in the store. Click photo to see the hack. this was when Cher had the Sanctuary home decor catalog and i dreamed of having this in my bedroom. It was ideal for our guest bedroom and everyone who has slept on it has remarked on how comfortable it is. Also, I mourn the day they replaced the Ivar metal sides with plastic. The MOPPE is not the same. Grrr… ” ~ Neva. After-market knobs really spruce up the doors for Billy with their cheap dowel pulls. Hope they are not taking it out next season. When I posted the question to readers some time ago, I … I cannot believe they discontinued the Seglora natural tan leather diamond pattern cushions for the Poang line of chairs and ottomans. I don’t remember the Metric, but anything that’s about 47 “freedom units” wide is exactly the same size. (I’m probably much older than many of your readers. Disappointed in the quality of this product because of the damage, but also because the finish (varnish & sanding) is not smooth. The price was good and there were so many different combinations possible, with and without doors. It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. The big Billy corner. Full length doors all have glass. I should have bought DOZENs when I had the chance. So sad. BERTBY display cabinet This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It was easy to attach and looks great! I grabbed one when they were in store a few years ago next to the display, but the box was for a totally different tree that wasn’t displayed in that area at all. leather POANG cushions in interesting colours – I’ve still got a very tatty red one and would love to replace it, but most of the colours now are boring (brown, black) or impractical (eggshell)… and the beautiful SEGLORA tan cover was discontinued ridiculously quickly. It was announced, came out VERY briefly, and then was suddenly discontinued. This being said, if you know of a woodworker in the area, it would be possible to cut the veneer off the end and re-apply it to the cut side. Our office had one that finally broke down after 15 years or something. I did as much research as I could on the IKEA website before going to buy, checking the measurements,etc. Bathroom storage is another option when you are choosing cabinetry for your home. That’s true. Oh, and bigger picture frames – the biggest they sell are 61x91cm. OXBERG Door, birch veneer, 15 3/4x38 1/4". The Svepa drinking glasses that stacked and came in 2 different sizes. The Elvarli just doesn’t cut it for hackability or style…. Oh good, KARLSTAD sofa – yes. I would like to see Karlanda leather furniture come back. At least the single post and brackets. They make an excellent workbench.” ~ Wayne Yoshida, #3. It was such a neat thing. Their most beautiful, elegant, and functional line ever. Don’t be on the Lack bookshelf. There was a facebook petition not too long ago and I don’t know of any other desk with its own fan site.” ~ Steve, I don’t think I am alone in this wish, there was a facebook petition not too long ago and I don’t know of any other desk with its own fan site.” ~ Steve, “I would love to see the Jerker desk back! ... IKEA LUROY Bed Support Slats FULL Birch Veneer … Someone else mentioned the Magiker but I want to second that vote! Plus, Ikea’s lovely dark wood just looked so much better. Lerberg wall shelves and decor. Or at least the accessories for it. They leave a lot of legroom and can be adjusted in height. 2 x matching ikea “malm” bedside tables which attach to the bed frame at the sides - good condition. IKEA POANG Chair Cushion Knisa Black Armchair Seat Pad POÄNG NEW. Triple POÄNG – The astonishing cat resistant sofa. Not happy at all . $105.97. One I use as a desk and one I use as my electronics workbench). IKEA hackers is all about modding, repurposing and customizing IKEA products. Spend this time at home to refresh your home decor style! I finally have a space that’s PERFECT for it and it’s GONE! Installed pretty round glass knobs instead of included small wooden cylinders so that we could use childproofing door fasteners (toddler!). Wipe clean using a damp cloth and a mild cleaner. Unfortunately, I needed the doors so had to pay the exorbitant price. The Undredal is so solid. Not as bright as the birch, not as horrible as the others. I’d like to see the STOLMEN come back. Click photo to see the hack. I do agree. The billy bookcases were purchased with these doors. Gives such a nice finished look. I should like another to hack for hi-fi storage but it is discontinued in red-brown.” ~ Kim. It’s the booklovers choice that never goes out of style. They were ideal for cat tree hacks. Click photo to see the hack. Not only are they big enough to support my three monitor computer setup, but because the uprights have holes every 1.5 inches they are easy to hack. Good for load bearing and harmonious in appeatance with the 80 cm width. Looks great and easy to assemble! The doors are simple to assemble and go into the cabinets with minimal adjustment. and my biggest wish ever: Please!! 82. and Stolmen, with the original metal coloured posts (never warmed up to the white ones …). Antonius laundry hamper turned gorgeous side table. When I posted the question to readers some time ago, I received a slew of responses. GALANT professional office storage includes drawer units with drop file storage, file cabinets, shelf units & a variety of combinations - many on casters! back in the 90s, i think around ’94 Ikea had a black wrought iron bed with a canopy top. Ikea Malm Dressing Make-up Jewelry Table White 102 . There are similar types at C&B and other kitchen shops, but none have the diagonally shaped lid edge, which makes for very easy opening. Available for delivery in select locations. I so need the 60cm width in BILLY bookshelves high and low!! “I would love to see them bring back the Jerker desk. This penchant to continually squeeze suppliers and cheapen the products will reach a limit at some point. Would love to get my hands on a pair or more of these. I only wish that it came in full length in a solid door. Really a pity :-(” ~ Stefan. Adding the doors made them look like beautiful upscale pieces of furniture. We followed instructions, we looked at videos, different websites, tried everything and still have the gap. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure. “If there are any chances that we could request any discontinued IKEA item would come back, I would choose IKEA 3-Seater Karlstad. Get great deals on IKEA Queen Size Beds & Bed Frames. If I can’t get the matching pieces, at least the matching stain would work. , I’d like the old Moppe (I think) CD drawers back. I too regret getting only 2. The high back gives good support for your neck. ... Two Extra Birch Veneer Shelves for Ikea Benno DVD Tower, With 8 Support Pegs. Free shipping. 10 year guarantee. Layer-glued bent birch frame gives comfortable resilience. “For me, IKEA Ps Ellan (rocking chair) and Lindmon (shutters) should come back!” ~ Christine, #25. Love it! I have a Hemnes Console table in red-brown which sits well with my other furniture which is antique walnut. You must enable JavaScript to shop on Earth to IKEA, pleeease beam these discontinued IKEA products back. They were used in this hack : I wish I had a photo to include, but I sold the house I put it in. Yes I remember the BERTBY. They looked so elegant with open shelves above and hidden storage below for the messy things. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for IKEA Billy Bookcase Birch Veneer at Now I need 3 more for my family room but “brown” is no longer available. I’ve had Ivar for almost 20 years in a myriad of configurations. Fortunately I’d purchased all the shelving I wanted, but I never picked up an original beech EXPEDIT, and I’ve kicked myself ever since. Well, they changed them, and totally better! I think they were $3.99 or something? Karlstad sofa and covers, Adel/Varde kitchen and handles and Norden gorgeous birchwood range! Not seen anything like it since.” ~ Elaine, I think you are referring to the limited edition IKEA BRAKIG wallpaper. I would like to see the pots and pans lid holder that went on the inside of a cupboard . Materials: Billy Birch Veneer Shelves, Benno DVD tower Description: I am attempting a built in Billy project, with 7 shelves in total (2 wide Billys, 3 narrow Billys, and 2 Benno DVD towers).Because of the room the shelves are going in, I’ve opted for a wood veneer finish, rather than the white (or white primer then colours) favoured by most of the hacks I’ve seen here. Also, the ” Celeber” food canisters (ca.2008), white ceramic with dark wooden lids, some with see-through windows in the lid. I can’t believe no has mentioned the Docent wall units. If it was printed, I think they would choose better grain patterns. Look much more expensive now, Easy to install just wish for a glass option. I have them in different depths and widths in my living room in that paneled, mostly open, 2 with glass doors. The whole damn point of buying a Billy was I knew I could get extras for it later. Maybe there’s hope for the other discontinued items! Some of these are available outside the US. Read about the terms in the guarantee brochure. LEKSVIK! Billy Bookcase (Brown-Ash-Veneer) Inquiry General All the online stores in the U.S. that I have looked at have said that the Billy Bookcase (brown-ash veneer) is out of stock; I spoke with a representative from one location and he informed me that he was unaware of plans to receive any more in stock. $309.99. $199.99. What about you? He first used an awl then screwed the doors in place. Your email address will not be published. We have 5,000 (+ counting!) And, for quite a while, I could not even find *any* room divider at that price point – everything was much more expensive – and I could not afford them even if I wanted them for design (which I didn’t!). They came in a couple of configurations over time and were brilliant. I was able to buy two BERTBY framed-glass door wall-mounted cabinets before they were dropped (without notice, as usual) many years ago. Main parts: Particleboard, Paper, Birch veneer, Clear acrylic lacquer Back: Fiberboard, Foil Product information Color:Birch. Here’s google images of Leksvik:…0.0..……0….1..gws-wiz-img.RXLf6DKYNaM&ved=0ahUKEwjB-77X74PlAhXLuZ4KHYgrAhMQ4dUDCAc&uact=5. Want one for each bed in the house!!! An UDDEN kitchen. This item Ikea Bookcase, birch veneer 1626.261417.1034 Bush Business Furniture 66H 5 Shelf Narrow Bookcase in Natural Maple IRIS USA, MDB-3W, 3-Cube Modular Storage Box, White, 1 Pack #21. Technical Details. In overall very good condition, there are a few scratches but none that would be visible once the bed is put together. Free shipping. The leather sofa I bought from them a few years ago was purchased largely because the design was so similar. IKEA Poang Armchair Birch Veneer Hillared Dark Blue 891.978.09 ... Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No Additional Information. Personally, I’d like to see the Jerker desk and its accessories return. But wait, those are not the only discontinued IKEA products we wish the yellow and blue mothership will bring back. I think IKEA veneer is real wood. And they don’t make this one anymore either! Love these doors! The Fridene swivel chair It is great to add a bit of loft & softness yet is thin enough that sheets still fit. It was so easy and such a dramatic change we bought more to update the bookcases in the rev room. As a more recent request, Hurdal – I think it only lasted a year or too and the pieces were lovely and solid (and very hackable). The Helmer of today is not the Helmer of years past, even though it’s a stalwart item in the catalog. It was a wonderful design.” ~ J Palmer, Canada. Pretty impressive considering we launched BILLY in 1979. It was durable, utilitarian and very flexible in almost any space! Sorely missed. The dark teal special edition KALLAX. I also wish the Undredal series would have a tall chest of drawers. I had two chests of drawers and a desk, would love to be able to buy them now, as I moved and taking them with me all across Europe just wasn’t possible.. For everyone looking for a variety of sofa covers – check out . I could use 2 or 3 of them, even (and would buy, and adapt, them when the product came back).” ~ Marjolein, #9. IKEA Ike Chair, birch veneer, Ransta black Cushion, Cover Frame 6386.81720.124 4.3 out of 5 stars 44. Benjamin stool hacked into a laptop riser for watching movies in bed. There used to be a much simpler one: just three metal frames (with crossbars) hinged together, and a simple piece of cloth stretched over each of the crossbars. The natural stained wood was charming and warmed up any room. I bought two with the intention of going back for a third when “the next shipment” was due, had 3 custom cushions made for the tops… then was never able to snag a third unit!! feather/down it is a thin yet soft topper. Also covers for the ektorp sofa bed . Always simple and easy to assemble with Ikea. Right now, we have the RISÖR room divider – very nice and classy, but also expensive at nearly € 100. I’ve coordinated my bedroom furniture to match, we went to buy this item only to told it’s now discontinued Huge, lightweight, great for napping… The newer design they have now just isn’t the same. I haven’t been able to find anything with comparable height (81″) and drawer depth for a narrow width (16.5″). I've stained several IKEA pieces a darker color than the way the came but they were all either solid wood or the veneer was real wood, not what they call "foil" (and we call "laminate"). It is estimated that every five seconds, one BILLY bookcase is sold somewhere in the world. The doors attached exactly as the instructions said they would, and I had them straight & leveled in about 5 minutes (although having some experience with this type of hinge probably helped). I’m currently looking to put together a simple elevated riser or shelf for a desk/tabletop and while the Capita legs are still available, all of the shelves used in the past have disappeared, and nothing current is really suitable. There were bowls in a fabulous pastel emerald-green outer, a black rim, and snowy white inside. Galant Desks. A second vote for BERTBY. $95.99. Aug 25, 2011 - IKEA Norrebo Drawer & Shelf Unit: discontinued, made from solid birch & birch veneer @ikealiving Free shipping. ... IKEA Full Size Couch EXARBY Sofa Futon Bed Frame Discontinued Minimalist Design. IKEA no longer stock the bed or the parts. Even the Hemnes line is given a white stain now, no natural wood stain. The half height solid wood Billy doors. I bought these doors in hopes to freshen up the look of two smaller single unit Billy Bookcases I already owned. I tried to drill my own, but they must have made them smaller as well because they ended up too large for the screws provided. Nicest plates ever. For their 75th Anniversary, IKEA brought back some of their old favourites in the GRATULERA series. The reason is that during the week of passover we eat matza instead of bread and these plates are the exact right size and shape for making sandwitches. Just added on to an older kitchen set-up last month and what a difference. The beds are surprisingly comfortable and the chairs are as well. “I would like to see the Varde cabinets back…just love them!” ~ Gretchen, #16. With efficient use of natural resources, it offers a unique pattern and a … KARLBY Countertop, birch, veneer, 74x1 1/2". The sizes offered were different than just standard and so nice to have. And yes, I want it back! I loved them, they fit into my cupboards nicely and were decent sizes for drinking out of. I’m sure you have one or two (or many) items you hope IKEA will reissue. And also the metal “finishing” panels that covered the ends of the Ivar units. . The table top LED lamps with the removable solar panels for recharging. IKEA: No it has been discontinued. Size 47 1/4x31 1/2 " Color: Birch veneer/black Birch veneer/black Birch veneer/white Black-brown/black Black-brown/white Gray/black Gray/white White White/black Models: Desk Product information Technical Details. Not the lame, pale imitation that the Frederick was. IKEA is an international outlet known for home products, including kitchen and bathroom cabinets., The Alve collection – specifically the narrow bookcase with drawer. Also, Ivar used to have a desk and more cabinet sizes. Behind the panel doors you can keep your belongings hidden and free from dust. PS 2014 bamboo storage modules. Now my granddaughter will stay out of my dvds. The Jerker is a great desk and they don’t make them like that anymore. Like new IKEA POÄNG Armchair, birch veneer/Vislanda black/white Very lightly used Width: 26 3/4 "Depth: 32 1/4 "Height: 39 3/8 "Seat 22 "Seat depth: 19 5/8 " Now the wood doesn’t even go edge to edge, there’s plastic exposed at the ends. “The shaker style white doors (solid, not the glass ones) for the BESTÅ system! You can add Optional Accessories such as Full Length or Pivoting Side Shelves, Risers and other accessories. And now we bought a house in West Malaysia and I’m always thinking that it would be good if Karlstad was still in production.” ~ Zull, #11. “YES!!! It is too bad. Sorely miss the 60 cm wide BILLY bookshelves. IKEA POANG Black Birch Veneer Armchair FRAME Chair *NO CUSHION* 200.698.52 - NIB. 1999). The FIRA had a few options for mixing, and I just like the construction better. 1. “I would like the RONDO dinner set back. There was a shallow dish which had a goldfish silhouette swimming in the bowl. Queen Malm bed frame from Ikea in birch veneer (discontinued). Hackers can also mount them recessed inside walls, with the doors flush with the wall exterior. “Hi, there was a limited edition wallpaper, which I can’t find anywhere- can’t remember the name, but a multicolored zig-zag effect, very modern. Layer-glued bent birch frame gives comfortable resilience. My hack for that is that IKEA makes many other tops that fit. Its stunning. My cats miss it! Purchased six for two new Billy bookcases & one older model Billy. I loved them too. And Billy in Beech finish. The original Songe floor mirror with the arch top! It cost something like € 30 or € 40, and with the simple construction, it would be easy to pick your own fabric and use it for the room divider as well as pillowcases and other details. Also, I’d like to see the return of the Antique stain (Leksvik had an entire line) in just about anything (hehemmmm Hemnes maybe?). 11″ deep billy bookcases. We love the Antonius series – also the original wooden step stool (the new one is thinner and shorter but the original was more stable.” ~ Avriel, #19. It fits so many more odds and ends. They have them in white or brown/black only. hacks from all over the globe. 10 year guarantee. It is still in perfect condition except the rubber on the wheels has completely degraded and broken away. The Mandal headboard! Th ere was a narrow connector about 12 years ago that I wanted to put above the wide entry connecting the 2 small Billy’s on either side, it wasn’t a single shelf.but a narrow ling bookcase. It is my favorite wood tone, yet they removed it from so many products. The Ivar shelves with the metal edges, not the hideous crappy plastic they replaced them with.
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