4415 Views Save Print Email. We choose and plant this tree because we’ve seen its delicate form, graceful elegance, and the character of its branches enhancing many established landscapes. So now let’s assume that you have a fairly mature weeping Japanese maple in your yard that really hasn’t been pruned, or hasn’t been pruned properly. Pruning a Japanese maple tree is not necessarily difficult, but may be intimidating at first — particularly for a weeping or “laceleaf” cultivar (Acer palmatum Var. Tweet. You can generally remove a great deal of wood from your Japanese maple and depending on its health, mass and condition, never more than half of its total mass. Pruning Japanese Maples by Michelle Le Strange, UC Master Gardener One of the most favorite trees in the home landscape is the lovely Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum). Some people believe that a Japanese maple should be pruned in late fall. dissectum and cvs. Others argue that pruning a Japanese maple should occur in late fall or early winter, after all the leaves have fallen and when the tree is in its dormant period. Pruning a Mature Lace Leaf Weeping Japanese Maple. Some suggest light spring pruning, especially if you want to create the healthiest branches for your tree. Japanese maples are elegant in all seasons, with delicate leaves, fine fall color, and the loveliest branch patterns in the world. dissectum).We might perceive it as fragile and delicate, and we’re afraid to mess up its natural beauty through improper pruning. How should I prune the limbs that grow out nicely from the trunk then turn sharply upward? The two most common forms of this tree are the upright, understory tree (Acer palmatum and cvs.) A good rule to follow is that as your Japanese maple ages, the less able it … Look for leaves or branches that look like they just don’t belong. Examine the tree. 1. ), a much smaller, weeping tree often used as a garden focal point. Watch the Japanese pruning masters and you will be aghast. and its little brother, the Japanese laceleaf maple (Acer palmatum var.
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