The above figure highlights some of the problems that were encountered over the past years with cloud computing services. there is an excellent security provided by cloud computing service provider to the users. It discusses the suitability of the chosen methods for the achievement of the current research’s objectives. The findings also revealed that the end users were indulging in non-secure practices by sharing their passwords with the cloud computing service providers in the case of trouble shooting or emergency requirements. The third objective of the research was to explore the expectations and needs for improvements as envisaged by the end users. The data collected from the respondents’ interviews is both hand-written and also taped (with the permission of the respondents). These included the following: Figure: 7: Expectations of the End-Users from Cloud Computing Service Providers. The expense of putting IT processes. This recommendation is made predominantly on the basis of the findings from the interview where it was found that the end users make decisions based on the size and the image of the service provider. This paper aims to address security and privacy issues threatening the cloud computing adoption by end users. The loss of data that was cited as one of the reasons for concerns was also linked to the lack of efficiency on the part of the service provider rather than being linked to the security issue. Network security is a problem in the world today because the whole world runs on the networks. The analysis is then discussed in the chapter 5, with the focus on answering the research questions. Finally, the Deployment Models of Cloud Computing are mentioned and briefly However, for the type of services subscribed on a more permanent basis, the organizations gave the following details: Table 2: The Cloud Computing Services used by the respondents. In addition, as the researcher himself is well educated in the cloud computing and is aware of several issues and challenges inherent in the use of the service, the questionnaire is also enriched by the personal knowledge of the researcher. This was seen to have occurred for all the organizations to some degree in the past years. The service providers make large investments in terms of developing cloud computing services and infrastructure Toward this, organizations either tend to develop in house research expertise or try to buy security technology from the competitors’ vendors. E-Commerce Websites Online Selling Consumer Products 1, 4. It is therefore deemed necessary that the opinions and perspectives of the users, the organizations that subscribe to the cloud computin… The respondents reported the following prominent incidents that they had encountered: Figure 5: Problems Encountered by Organizations with Cloud Computing. As cloud computing is an emerging technology, so are the concerns about security challenges being discovered and addressed. For the city search organization, cloud computing made them host content and develop hundreds of backlinks and take thousands of visitors and hits. The research aimed at answering the three research questions related to the perception of vulnerabilities of the cloud, the perception of what problems these vulnerabilities translate to during the operations of the end users, how do the end users assess them and what do they expect from the service provider. Chapter 1 Introduction contains an overview of the research background and establishes the rationale for the current research. In this paper, the authors discuss security issues for cloud computing and present a layered framework for secure clouds and then focus on two of the layers, i.e., the storage layer and the data layer. It is expected that the findings from the current research will highlight the level of awareness about security issues among the end users and also inform the available literature on the type of security problems and challenges that are frequently encountered by end users and also highlight possible solutions for security problems. The interview responses indicated that the end users were unable to obtain transparency from their service providers regarding the security of the data during transfer. The need for cloud computing has been growing in public sectors. The current research suffered from the limitation that a very small sample size of five respondents was only involved in the primary data collection. This will enable the cloud computing services to develop the organizations’ competence to use the best practices in cloud computing. One of the respondents (the IT manager from the car parts sales organization) also reported that there were complaints from their customers that they received cold calls and random messages from telemarketers after they had subscribed to the organization’s newsletter. The cloud evenly distributes the applications and information it hosts across all the servers. The average cost per licensing these open source options is almost zero (Armbrust et al, 2010). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Infrastructure as a service is largely based on the virtualization technology. In addition, the development of legislation and ethical practices code is also in its nascent stage. It is recommended that more diverse business organizations, ranging from governmental departments, security agencies, media companies, medical and research organizations, retail organizations among others should  be included in any future research on cloud computing. Cloud Computing is one of the valuable service in medical field. Q10: What can you say about the network security? The research methodology is presented in detail in chapter 3. Specifically, we explore the statistical measure approach, i.e. In this research, by A Result Paper on Outsourced Revocation of Encryption Based on Identity in Cloud Computing free download ABSTRACT : In Cloud computing user can remotely store and fetch their data based on-demand service, without the burden of local data storage and maintenance. Sample Selection Method: The sample is selected in a non-random sampling method using the convenience and judgment of the researcher. As such the current research is expected to provide recommendations for the service providers and marketers of cloud computing services. Overall, there appears to be considerable confusion about who could access their data and why and the end users had to have faith on the good intentions of the service provider in order to continue using the cloud. These organizations are end customers of cloud computing services that allow them to host and manage their own customer’s enormous data. A comparison of our survey with other survey papers on the basis of the three basic levels is depicted in Table 5 . and Flynn, P.J.1999. These questions encourage the respondents to give their detailed inputs and insights about what they consider is the present performance of the cloud computing service that they are using, and what they would like to improve.The research questionnaire is developed with questions that are simple, short, and straightforward and hence which facilitate easy understanding of what is needed by the respondents to answer them. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. There is a possibility of unauthorized access to management interface, which can change the administration rules (Berl et al, 2010). This is a major barrier for organizations that deal with sensitive information to embrace cloud computing services. It can be seen from the findings that there is certain lack of awareness and focus among the end users about the issues related to the security with cloud computing services. A theme that has emerged from the findings is that the end users are largely inspired by the brand name and the overall image of the cloud computing organization and this forms the basis of their trust. Ranjan, R. Harwood, A. Buyya, R. 2008. A Critique of Methodological Reason’. The organizations were selected as the researcher was either acquainted with the IT managers in these organizations, or knew some other senior manager. The main issues related to the cloud environment’s price and security concerns (Kaufman, 2009). Security has become a major focus for most companies in this modern world. It is interesting to note that the IT managers, though theoretically aware of the cloud computing system and how it operates, do not concern themselves with enquiring their service providers in further detail about the security aspects of their data. There is little research available in this context and most of the available literature pertains to the opinion of the experts and related to the inherent and potential security vulnerabilities in cloud computing. The per-user license can be divided into concurrent user licenses based on the requirement. Q11: What can you say about the overall performance of CCS? 2009. In this paper, we put forward some security issues that have to be included in SLA. Chapter 5 Discussion and Analysis presents a detail discussion of the findings using the insights gained from the literature review presented in chapter 2. The respondents were asked to discuss some of the issues and challenges that they may have encountered during their experience with using the cloud computing services. The research is significant as it is an initial endeavor to compile the information using the perspective of the end users, rather than from the opinion of technical experts or industry watch-groups. The segregated responses are then read together to highlight themes or commonalities and then these highlights or themes are presented as findings in chapter 4. Q4: What can you say about the availability of service? al., (2009), “Above the. Barker, C.  2005. There is a dependency among the layers. To assess the confidence and satisfaction of the cloud computing services among end users. The current research therefore employs direct personal interviews as the qualitative method of data collection. A service like Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Service is a perfect example for this type of utility computing. In addition to the possibility of data loss, there is also reason to worry about the internal sensitive information getting leaked about the forecasted volume of customers, number of expected visitors to the site or the amount of expected e-commerce(McClure, 2010). This is in contrast to an experimental research that takes a positivistic stance and develops research methodology that is rigid and exclusive and does not take into account any contextual cues (Cho and Trent, 2006). (Bernstein et al, 2009; Davies, 2009). A prominent vulnerability is related to data recovery. The non-random sample, based on the convenience of the researcher suffers from the disadvantage of being non-representative of the population, as well as may introduce a further bias owing to the level of acquaintanceship between the researcher and the respondent (Belland Opie, 2002). other services above the virtualization layer as well. 2009. Infrastructure as a Service is also called utility computing. Conclusion Cloud computing enables users to store their data in remote storage location. At the moment, the end users have to encounter the call centers or read self-help links and do not receive a more human response from the service providers, which could have boosted their confidence. The non-representativeness of the sample is however underplayed in the current case as the selected organizations closely conform to the end users profile for cloud computing services and hence are deemed to be suitable representation for the purpose of the current research. Cloud was not the issue for the. IT organizations have expresses concern about critical issues (such as security) that exist with the widespread implementation of cloud computing. This chapter gives a presentation of the findings from the interviews of the five IT managers from diverse organizations that have been involved with cloud computing. In this complex ecosystem, security and identity management challenges have cropped up, given their dynamism and heterogeneity. Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud  Computing. Research papers on cloud computing security are custom written at Paper Masters and guaranteed to contain the most up to date information on the technology behind cloud computing security. This data is in the form of technical knowledge about the theory and implementations of cloud computing services and does not tend to include the opinions of end users or the people who actually use and interact with the services. have to maintain one application for multiple clients. An example for SaaS is an On-demand ERP Software Application. analysis of the cloud security problem. Some of the technical reasons for the breach that have been listed in the available literature include: -Inability of the cloud to differentiate between sensitive data and non-sensitive data that makes access authorization easy for anyone operating on the cloud (Johnson, Levine and Smith, 2009). Cloud Computing, when used for sharing software becomes cheaper as this software-as-a-service is more affordable to the users than having to buy software for desktops (Reese, 2009). discussed. assurance for users [2]. Cloud computing and emerging IT platforms: Vision, hype, and reality for delivering computing as the 5th utility. cloud security problem and key features that should be covered by Cloud Computing Research and Security Issues Abstract: Cloud computing, a rapidly developing information technology, has aroused the concern of the whole world. The respondents were asked about their perceptions of their data integrity, or that their data was untouched or changed. To discuss in detail, the security is to maintain and to transmit the original data to the cloud manager and service provider became the major deal. However, in spite of the potential threat to network security, the respondents were found to have placed their faith on the competency and skill and technological sturdiness of their service providers. Therefore, the current research aims at developing a comprehensive overview of security-related issues and concerns as they present themselves to cloud computing service users. the best examples is Eucalyptus Systems [4]. This introspection and self-reflection enabled the researcher in adopting a neutral stance during the interview sessions and maintaining a non-subjective involvement with the respondents during the interviews and in analyzing the responses at the analysis stage of the research. The reasons provided included delays in contacting them and eliciting any information in the case of problems, the lack of openness that the cloud companies exhibited regarding how and where the data was hosted, and the lack of feedback provision that the end users encountered. However, there are still complaints about the security issues of cloud computing services. In this paper, we investigate and carry out a small study and highlight all the issues of emerging over a cloud related to security of Cloud. Research Limitations and Scope for Future Research. In addition, the end users also wanted that the cloud computing companies to become more accountable and come up with back up plans or insurance policies to support the end users in the case of any system breaches or other security problems. Cloud has boomed high in business and other industries for its advantages like multi-tenancy, resource pooling, storage capacity etc. Without cryptography techniques, it is difficult to develop and maintain the services of cloud computing. Cloud computing must be safe and secure enough to ensure the privacy of the users. In terms of security, the perception was largely that the cloud computing services are only secure to a certain extent. As a direct consequence, dynamic federated identity management with privacy improvements has arisen as an indispensable mechanism to enable the global scalability and usability that are required for the successful implantation of Cloud technologies. In addition, the interview method, being a qualitative method is also better matched with the current aim of the research as opposed to using surveys or close-ended questionnaires. The main objectives of this research are: To understand the security issues and the techniques used in the current world of Cloud Computing. It is essential that the questionnaires are not too complex or tedious as the participants tend to lose interest or get confused with the questions and hence end up giving non-relevant answers (Bryant and Charmaz, 2007). © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. Armbrust, M., Fox, A., Griffith, R., Joseph, A., Katz, R., Konwinski, A., Lee, G., Patterson,D., Rabkin, A., Zaharia, D. 2010. This paper reviews recent advances of Cloud computing, identifies the concepts and characters of scientific Clouds, and finally presents an example of scientific Cloud for data centers, Journal of Network and Computer Applications. Cloud Computing: Security Issues and Challenges, A 5-Level Security Approach for Data Storage in Cloud. This is because there are more chances and opportunities for the data to be tampered with consciously or due to accident. are entered the field of developing these services. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software and information, are provided to computers and devices on-demand, like the electricity grid. The immense potential of cloud computing is recognized throughout the industry, and yet many organizations are reluctant to adopt it quickly. E-Commerce Website Online Selling Consumer Products 1, 4. In this paper, a survey of the different security risks that pose a threat to the cloud is presented. Companies take measures to ensure the data security is maintained that and data is safeguarded against hacking attempts. In this manner, the service provider can help in curbing and arresting any potential problems from manifesting and leading to customer loss of revenue. In this paper, we investigate several cloud computing system . Q7: What can you say about the audit ability? Cloud computing, still seems to be incomplete when it comes to security issues. Security is one of the major issues which reduces the growth of cloud computing and complications with data privacy and data protection continue to plague the market. A recent survey found that nearly sixty percent of users who used Software as a Service on cloud model were satisfied with the services and security offered by their service provider (Ranjan, Harwood and Buyya, 2008). Cloud computing technology is being effectively deployed in government agencies as the ministries are often isolated and restricted in terms of storing and sharing the data. See Table 1 below: Table 1: Experience with using Cloud Computing. As we all know Cloud computing is an emerging domain and security of the data must be protected over the network. However, the qualitative methods are time consuming as the time spent with each participant may be considerable, and hence the total number of participants can therefore be relatively smaller (Aronowitz and Ausch, 2000). The quantitative methods therefore are able to furnish very specific and to the point details as there is no scope for the respondent to furnish his or her opinion or to express a doubt about any question. The research also recommends that a large scale research using the quantitative approach to data collection may also be viable in obtaining an industry wide perspective and orientation about the security related concerns of using cloud computing. This is in contrast to the literature review findings where it was seen that a large number of organizations seem to be wary of using cloud computing services owing to the security concerns (Bernstein et al, 2009). For the local search site, the data was largely in house generated and hence the ownership was claimed exclusively by the organization. Consumers can typically requests cloud services via a web browser or web service. There are also industry wise concerns about the legal issues involved regarding data ownership and data integrity (Boneh and Waters, 2007). The IT manager was confident that their organization does not reveal the customers private data, so was of the opinion that the problem may have occurred at the data storage end of the cloud that they were using. However, when asked about how the organizations think that their data is kept confidential or secured, the IT managers were not very informative on the issue. Lack of security may lead others to hack the data from the target server, where the most important data is stored (Iyer and Henderson, 2010). To solve these software licensing issues, most of the service providers have come up with Software as a Service model, which is a on demand software where in users need to pay on monthly or quarterly basis to use the application (Davies, 2009). Buyya, R., Yeo, C.S., Venugopal, S., Broberg, J. and Brandic, I. The location of the information on the cloud also determines the privacy and confidentiality levels of the data (Kosar and Livny, 2005). The complaints appeared to be largely associated with the small service -providers and impacted the credibility of the cloud computing environment (Iyer and Henderson, 2010). Most of the third party service vendors do not follow the government compliances while creating a cloud computing environment (Newton, 2009). Customer complaints have been reduced because customers have been very choosy in selecting the vendors these days (Kaufman, 2009). To assess the perceptions of end users of cloud computing on security, privacy and ownership of data related issues. Cloud computing services offer an innovative and cost effective means of utilizing IT capabilities, and as such are being offered as long term solutions for numerous educational, governmental, defense, and private businesses. The research underwent intense self-evaluation and introspection to confront his own biases and preconceived notions about the security issues inherent in the cloud computing environment; about the average IT managers’ perspectives and understanding of the cloud computing related security issues; about the ability of the respondents to give clear, honest and accurate responses and about his own skills as an interviewer. Just don’t call them private clouds. strong barrier for users to adapt into cloud computing systems. The The names of the service providers are not mentioned owing to privacy concerns. Q8: What can you say about the ease and security issues related to data transfer? CONCLUSION . It is expected that with an increase in the number of service providers over a period of time, it will become mandatory for service providers to look all the issue that trouble customers (Krugel, Toth and Kirda, 2000). An organization should do, activities like using cloud computing resources to, have to pay. The IT manager revealed that there is nothing that they can do but to wait as they get an automated message about there being server issues at the service providers’ end. The question of service availability comes into picture especially in the event of natural disasters, and where critical governmental and non-governmental services are need (Krugel, Toth and Kirda, 2000; Mach et el, 2005). The supporting infrastructure might not be on cloud environment because it covers cloud non-specific environment and may be located at a third party premises. Cloud computing has become one of the most interesting topics in the IT world today. The research findings are in tandem with the available literature review regarding the perception of end users about the audit or compliance standards used especially in the case of outsourced software applications. Unauthorized access to a management interface on cloud computing, is an acute vulnerability, much more than it is on the traditional computing systems. To explore the expectations and needs for improvements as envisaged by the end users. These types of concerns originate from the fact that data is stored remotely from the customer's location; in fact, it can be stored at any location. These three entities may be located in different regions or even different countries and hence come under diverse jurisdictions and governed by different set of local laws (Krugel, Toth and Kirda,  2010). perspective, and the cloud service delivery models perspective. Cloud computing economically enables the paradigm of data service outsourcing. The respondents provided several inputs about what they expect from their cloud computing vendor. But as more and, Vendors offer a pool of shared resources to their users through the cloud network. It is the process of replicating the image of the data into other cloud, which is located at other location (Mills, 2009). In addition, the cloud applications which are not secured may hamper the performance of the entire process. Thus improvising the security parameter regarding medical sensitive data. In addition, the research could reach out to only a few sectors and end users business – a pet supplier, a car parts supplier, a local city search guide, and two social media organizations. Lulz Boat Hacks Sony’s Harbor: FAQ. The literature review has also found compatible findings where a research conducted among the SaaS users had reported that the customers were largely satisfied with the software licensing issues (Mach et al, 2005; Mullin, 2009). London: Sage. The service providers blame the entire cloud computing system or the end users while the end users may shy from embracing the new technology (Praveen and Betsy, 2009). E-Commerce Website Online Selling Consumer Products 2, 5. Also the data for existing customers is developed through tapping into our own billing department and after sales service reports. This paper introduces some cloud computing systems and analyzes cloud computing security problem and its strategy according to the cloud computing concepts and characters. The researcher further asked the respondents to elaborate on any other reasons (other than the MOU agreements) that they derive the reassurance of their data confidentiality. Table 3 in Chapter 4 highlights the various rating of the overall performance of cloud computing, rating of security related issues, accountability of the service provider and ease of operations. Both protocols will have their own positives. Therefore, the research is guided by the following research questions: The research has selected the following aims and objectives: The above research objectives are achieved using both primary and secondary methods of data collection. Index Terms— Cloud . 3. My mother biography essay, informative essay conclusion examples issues Cloud security challenges computing research paper and. In cloud computing various security issues comes under consideration. The research also employs a primary method of data collection which utilizes qualitative methods. A new model targeting at improving features of an existing model must not risk or threaten other important features of the current model. On the ease of operations, the cloud computing services were largely rated as good or very good. Cloud computing means provides computing over the internet. Schubert, L., Kipp, A., and Wesner, S. 2009. These organizations are users of cloud computing to facilitate the vast amount of data that they own and to make it available to a large number of visitors to their site. I. In cloud, the data of the individual or an organization is stored tenuously and the client does not have any control over it, hence the security becomes a major dilemma. There is a large amount of research and data available that highlights the vulnerabilities of data confidentiality and privacy through cloud computing (Lamb, 2009). This activity further enhanced the reliability of the research findings. (Markoff, 2008). Third party cloud services are very much vulnerable because they may not be bound to follow the protocols and compliances mandated by the main service providers’ or the end users’ country (Krugel, Toth and Kirda, 2000;  Jain, Murty, and Flynn, 1999). In this paper, we define and solve the problem of secure ranked keyword search over encrypted cloud data. As a cloud environment is a shared environment, there is always a threat of open access to data which is stored on the shared environment, unless clear-cut precautions are not taken (Johnson, Levine and Smith, 2009).
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